Pastor Kent and Kay


Pastor Kent grew up in St. Cloud, MN and Kay in Park Rapids, MN. At age 13, Kent had a conversion experience that drew him into a life of faith while Kay grew up always believing in Christ. Kent and Kay met at Concordia college in Moorhead, MN and were married after graduation. Pastor Kent
was a classics major (Greek and Latin) and history minor while Kay had an elementary education major and music minor. Kent attended seminary at Luther in St. Paul. Kent has served as pastor in numerous congregations in northwest MN, eastern North Dakota, Kansas and Arizona before coming to Milbank. Kay has directed church choirs, taught first and sixth grades and taught some music.
Kent and Kay have three grown children and four grandchildren. Kay loves riding horse and
doting on her grandchildren. Kent enjoys reading history and classic literature and hiking.


Kent Groethe




Kay Groethe

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